"About twenty-five years ago, a sweet spot in fashion was reached when skate brands like Aesthetics, Fourstar, and Droors aspired to make clothing like Nautica, Ralph Lauren, and Patagonia. Quality was good on all ends; limitless outcomes seemed possible. Sexhippies explores this fusion of logical function and creative redefinition.
It also comes out of the Berkshires: a pleasant but edgy fusion of the cosmopolitan city and the countryside.

The name recalls another sweet spot, probably a lot of us can relate to, where dreams and necessity combine into an ethos, in your late twenties. Looking back, that’s a time when the desires of youth and the consequences of adulthood fuse. SexHippies is the brainchild of that union: high-quality pieces that mindfully wear youthful fancy like a badge." - Ted Barrow

"Sexhippies is the elusive clothing project of skater and designer Benjamin Baptiste. The Western Mass native started the brand based around–the product of mutual friends, shared passions, and a life-long love of skateboarding. Ben's background in vintage has equipped him with an impressive archival knowledge of clothing, but rather than simply reworking classics or remixing logos and graphics, he uses this to create playful, hard-wearing garments with a sense of humor and a knowing wink at their references. Above all, the clothes are unfussy, durable, and accessible–a combination we find it hard to resist." - Sam Logan Meridian Hudson, NY